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Bee and Wasp Control In Baltimore

A bee

Bee control and wasp control include several species. Bees and wasps build nests in trees, shrubs, and in protected places such as under the eaves of houses, in wall voids, and in ground voids.

A regular bee


A Wasp


A Yellow jacket

Yellow Jacket

Are wasps dangerous?

Yes. While most wasps will generally not sting a human unless they feel threatened, yellow jackets pose a considerable threat to humans as they may sting repeatedly and can cause allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock in severe cases.

Why do I have them?

Bees and wasps are opportunistic builders and nests may be built on or near your property during the summer months.

How can you get rid of my stinging insects?

At Rosenbloom Pest Control, Inc., our services include the necessary products for bee and wasp control. We treat the hive or nest directly, so that as the insects enter or exit, they contact the insecticide and die.

Is the treatment safe?

Our bee control and wasp control experts use the latest techniques to rid you of your bees and wasps. We use products that are reduced toxicity and are registered by the EPA, and we carefully follow their guidelines for their application. Should any specific safety measures need to be taken, our highly trained service technicians will make sure you have a thorough understanding of them.

How soon can you get here?

Rosenbloom Pest Control, Inc. is 100% committed to solving your pest problem as soon as possible, by providing same day or next day service.


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