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Catonsville, Maryland, has a historic charm and idyllic atmosphere, making it a great place to settle down. However, as in all locations, invasive pests can cause a variety of home damage and health issues, or leave you feeling uneasy about these home intruders. 

Turning to pest control services can ensure you deal with such unwanted guests, and Catonsville has a variety of pest control options located in town. Learn to identify signs of infestation and the type of insects that you’re more likely to deal with in your location so that you can select the service that will best fit your needs.

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For the safety of your family, friends, customers, and employees, we use preventative pest management techniques, starting with inspection, sanitation, and exclusion through education and communication. We use the least environmental impactful methods to treat and prevent pests on your property.

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We understand the need for speed when you are confronted by uninvited guests at your home or office. We provide same day or next day service to ensure they are evicted.
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What Types of Bees or Wasps Cause Problems for Catonsville Homeowners?

As you ponder contacting reliable Catonsville pest control services, it’s vital to know the specific types of bees or wasps you are dealing with. The following are the common types of bees and wasps you might notice in or around your establishment.


Bumblebees have round bodies with black and yellow stripes. They are known to nest during spring. Their nests grow throughout the summer, which means you’re more likely to notice them around this period.

Bumblebees aren’t aggressive, but they sting if they have to protect their nest. Since these bees are good pollinators, consider turning to Catonsville pest control services for expert assistance instead of trying to kill the bees using insecticides.

Honey Bees

Honey bees are somewhat slender-bodied and have some fur on them. Often, they have uniform, hexagonal-structured nests. Honey bees usually build their nests within rock crevices and hollow trees. However, they might also build their nests within your walls. If this goes unnoticed, it might cause structural damage to your property.

Honey bees also sting, though they typically only do so when threatened. You should hire specialists to help you relocate the insects, especially when they have their nests right close to your home.

Yellow Jackets

Unlike honey bees or bumblebees, yellow jackets are bigger insects with bright-yellow stripes. Their ultra-thin waists make them easily identifiable. These insects usually build their nests in attics or crevices around the eves of homes.

Yellow jackets are highly aggressive and will sting on approach. If you notice a nest around your establishment, seek professional assistance immediately. Expert pest control services will use the right gear to remove these pests from your home safely.

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps are thin wasps, usually brown with some yellow coloring on their bodies. Their name comes from the paper-like nests they build. These wasps build their nests on door frames, ceilings, eaves, shrubs, and trees.

Like yellow jackets, paper wasps are more aggressive than most bee species. If you’ve been stung by a wasp, you can attest that the sting is very painful, and can be deadly to those with an allergy to stings. Therefore, if you’re dealing with any kind of wasp infestation, have the insects removed by Catonsville pest control services.

Signs You Have Bees or Wasps in Your Catonsville Home

Bees and wasps have a way of finding their way into your home. If you want to avoid this, you should be on the lookout for common signs that unfriendly insects have set up shop where you live.

Sudden Appearance of Bees or Wasps

If you begin to notice more bees or wasps flying around than you usually do, this is a good sign that a nest has been set up somewhere nearby. While bees and wasps typically build their hives on the outside of homes, sometimes these critters decide to invade your walls and break through to the inside of your house. The chances are that the bees or wasps made their way into your home through holes. If this is the case, there may be a hive inside your walls or siding, and the insects can then find their way indoors. Sealing the gaps can prevent more invaders, but you will need to call a Catonsville pest control service to take care of any insects already inside.

Buzzing Sounds

Buzzing sounds around your home are a clear sign of pest infestation. If you hear clear buzzing sounds while indoors, bees or wasps could be living in your home. 

In some cases, it may be dangerous to locate and exterminate nests of stinging insects, so you should contact pest control services to rid yourself of potential danger from these unwelcome guests.

Mysterious Holes

If you notice many mysterious holes around your home, this can signify that you’re dealing with pests, particularly wood-drilling bees or wasps. Holes indicate that these insects are making themselves comfortable.

Most bees and wasps are pollinators, and will not burrow into your home and cause damage. Beetles, however, are a major pest when it comes to the active destruction of wooden structures. Wood-drilling insects can allow moisture to penetrate wood, leading to rot and instability in house siding.

Active Hives

Active bee or wasp hives around your establishment show that you have guests or will soon deal with an infestation. These insects might not enter your premises, but you should stop them before they find their way into your house. Not only is it bad for the bees, but it’s also unpleasant for you! 

Presence of Insects Everywhere

A clear-cut sign that you’re dealing with an infestation is when there are bees or wasps everywhere. It’s normal to see one or two insects flying around, but there is no way you will feel safe with hundreds of them around your property. 


The settlement of such insects around your home can scare you. Should you move out? Of course not. The best thing to do is to find recommended Catonsville pest control services. This guarantees that you will get professional assistance in no time.

What Customers Have To Say About Rosenbloom Pest Control

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Rosenbloom Pest Control provided timely and courteous service for us. The technician was polite, clear in his explanations, and patient with our questions. He clearly explained everything he was doing at our house. I would definitely recommend them for all your pest control needs.

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We found Rosenbloom Pest Control to be courteous, meticulous, and thorough and were very satisfied with their service. We would highly recommend them to others.

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Why Choose Rosenbloom Pest Control for Insect Control in Catonsville, MD

At Rosenbloom Pest Control, our experts don’t just use generic bug spray and leave. Instead, we look for the entries and nesting sites for insects in your home so that we can eliminate your insect problem at the source and determine the best course of action.

Not only are our certified technicians highly trained to solve your insect problem, but they will communicate with you about what is happening in your home and what you can do to prevent future infestations. 

There are no Catonsville pest control problems that are too big or small for us to handle. With over 25 years of experience, we have seen everything imaginable and have become masters of innovative solutions for tricky pest problems.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and say goodbye to your insect problems. We’ll start with a thorough evaluation, suggest a plan of action, get rid of your problem, and continue to monitor and prevent future infestations for peace of mind.

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