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How to keep pests out of holiday decoration storage boxes

How to keep pests out of holiday decoration storage boxes

Winter is upon us, and for many homeowners that means decorating your home for the holidays! However, that also means you may have come across some unwanted surprises, like signs that something was living in your holiday decoration storage boxes! So here are some helpful tips in order to keep pests out of holiday decoration storage boxes.

3 Ways to Keep Pests Out of Holiday Decoration Storage Boxes

Inspect Your Holiday Boxes

When decorating your home and putting your decorations away, make sure to inspect your holiday decoration storage boxes. Look for signs of active pests through evidence such as webs, gnaw marks, and pest droppings. 


Before putting away your holiday decorations make sure to clean the boxes that you will be using. Spend a few minutes wiping them down with alcohol wipes to remove food sources or scents that may be attractive to pests. Washing and drying any fabric can also deter live pests from exploring your holiday decorations and helps to remove any food sources before being stored away.

Pick the right spot

Location is key! Oftentimes holiday decorations are stored out of sight, such as in the basement or attic. These same places are also a suitable place for harboring pests, so make sure to keep those areas clean and tidy. When putting away your decorations, make sure to keep an eye out for moisture and humidity issues. In an attic, a roof leak, or poor attic ventilation, could cause moisture and humidity which will damage your possessions and attract pests. 

Need Pest Control in Baltimore? 

While it always helps to be proactive, sometimes pests will still find a way into your home. A regular pest control service will help to ensure that your decorations are safe until next season, and at Rosenbloom Pest Control, our certified technicians are experts at finding and fixing your pest control problems. If you need professional help, please call us at (410) 358-5583, or visit our contact us page to book a pest control appointment now.