Indian Meal Moths

Indian Meal Moth Exterminator in Baltimore

What Are Indian Meal Moths?

Indian meal moths are pantry pests, and are most easily identified by a characteristic wing pattern where the rear half of the wings is distinctly reddish brown or bronze colored. Females lay eggs on or inside food packaging. The eggs hatch into larvae that resemble small, creamy-white caterpillars. Damage to stored-food products is caused by the larvae spinning silken threads as they feed and crawl, webbing food particles together.

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What Do Indian Meal Moths Look Like?

They can also be known as weevil moth, pantry moth, flour moth, or grain moth.

The larvae stage of the Indian Meal Moth

1. Why do I have indian meal moths in my home?

The infested food was brought in from the grocery store. The larvae of Indian meal moths are often found in food storage areas and can infest items such as flour, nuts, grains, cereals, dried fruits, candy, pasta, powdered milk, dry pet foods and birdseed. It is important to inspect and remove any infested dried goods as soon as signs of infestation are noted.

2. Are indian meal moths dangerous?

Adult Indian meal moths do not cause damage other than the contamination of food products.

3. How do you get rid of my Indian meal moths?

At Rosenbloom Pest Control, Inc., our services include the necessary products for Indian meal moth control. However, the food source must be located first. Check all food packages in food storage areas for webbing, larvae or moths. Even unopened packages should be checked. All infested foods should be immediately removed from your home. The food storage cabinets must then be emptied, after which we will treat them using a product to kill the adults and to prevent the young from reproducing.

4. How soon can you get here?

Our Indian Meal Moth control experts use the latest techniques to rid you of your pests. We use products that are registered by the EPA, and we carefully follow their guidelines for their application. Should any specific safety measures need to be taken, our highly trained service technicians will make sure you have a thorough understanding of them.

5. Is the treatment safe?

Rosenbloom Pest Control, Inc. is 100% committed to solving your pest problem as soon as possible, by providing same day or next day service.