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Expert Mosquito Control in Towson, MD

Mosquito Control in Towson

Mosquito infestations can be a huge nuisance, but they can also cause lots of harm to your health. Many mosquitoes transmit diseases, with some resulting in death. 

Although you can prevent mosquito infestations, it’s nearly impossible if your environment encourages a mosquito breeding ground. 

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What Types of Mosquitoes Cause Problems For Towson Homeowners?

There are two main species of mosquitoes found in the US. These types are especially prevalent in Eastern US states, including MD.   

These particular species are hazardous in terms of their diseases and the severity of their bites. 


The Anopheles mosquito species, also known as the malaria mosquito, is commonly found in the Eastern and Southeast parts of the US. They are prevalent during the evening and nighttime when they bite people and animals the most.  

The malaria mosquito transmits malaria after it bites an infected person and goes and feeds on an uninfected person. This process spreads the malaria parasite into the bloodstream and then into the liver. 

After the parasites reach the liver, they remain there until they mature. Once they develop, they leave and infect the red blood cells.


Symptoms of Malaria include fever, chills, jaundice, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Other symptoms include muscle aches, fatigue, anemia, and flu-like symptoms.

If you suspect you may have been bitten and infected, you must seek medical attention immediately. Severe malaria cases can lead to seizures, coma, kidney failure, and death.


The culex mosquito genus is also known as the common house mosquito. They are found throughout the US, and within this species are the Northern and Southern house mosquitoes. 

These two species are mainly responsible for the West Nile virus. The virus is found in 48 states, and although there are symptoms, most people who are infected show no signs or symptoms of infection.  

Culex mosquitoes can be found mainly in agricultural, urban, and rural areas. They are most active during sunrise and sunset hours. 

They mainly feed on horses and people. However, they also feed on birds, the primary carriers of the West Nile virus.


West Nile virus symptoms include a mild infection called West Nile fever. About 20% of people will experience fever, vomiting, diarrhea, body aches, and a skin rash. 

In severe cases, 1% of infections will develop into a neurological infections. This infection of the nervous system includes the development of meningitis or encephalitis. 

Symptoms of a neurological infection include tremors, high fever, seizures, vision loss, paralysis, stiff neck, and coma.  

If you experience mild symptoms, they usually subside on their own. However, severe symptoms do require medical attention.

Signs You Have Mosquitos In Your Towson Home

Here are some signs that may point to an infestation in your home, requiring mosquito control Towson:

You Hear Constant Buzzing Noises 

Mosquitos create a distinct buzzing sound that is different from other insects. It’s very high-pitched, and chances are, if you’re hearing it non-stop, you may have a mosquito infestation. 

Unexplained Itching and Bites 

When a mosquito bites you, you’ll likely start itching at night. This happens because mosquitoes are 80% more likely to bite at night than during the day. 

Mosquitoes are also most active at night because they aren’t physically able to withstand the sun as it can kill and dehydrate them.   

If you’re ever curious about whether a male or female is the culprit of a bite, it’s doubtful that it’s a male. This is because male mosquitoes prefer sweet tastes such as flower nectar. 

However, female mosquitoes require blood for egg production. So, if you’re scratching, chances are a female mosquito has already gone through laying her eggs at the itch site.  

A mosquito bite is usually red and inflamed just minutes after you’re bitten. However, it may turn a brownish color in a couple of days. 

However, in worst cases, these bites turn into bruises or blisters. 

So, if you’re getting bitten constantly, you’re very likely to have an infestation already, especially if you’re noticing bite marks consistently.

You Notice Mosquitoes During Evening Hours

There are several species of mosquitoes in the US, 176 to be exact. While some of these species can come out during the day, the vast majority can only go out during the evening and night. 

They are mainly present in wooded areas accompanied by bodies of water such as lakes or swamps. Mosquitoes love the shade and thrive once the sun starts going down. 

So it certainly isn’t a coincidence if you notice lots of mosquitoes during the evening hours near your home. An infestation is probably brewing, and you need to act fast.  

Humid Areas

Areas high in humidity are sure to attract mosquitos very fast. But on the other hand, it’s nearly impossible for mosquitoes to thrive without enough moisture.  

Seasons accompanied by muggy weather or lots of rain are when mosquitoes populate the fastest. 

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