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Mice Control

Did you know that house mice are second only to humanity as the most populous mammals in urban settings and environments? That doesn’t mean that they have to live in your home though! House mice in Baltimore are considered dangerous and destructive pests because they can carry and transmit viruses, bacteria, diseases, and can produce up to 35 young a year! This can cause a lot of damage to your property and health! 

If you suspect your home has a mouse problem but aren’t sure, look for any of the following signs:

  • Droppings in the shape of black rice in cabinets, closets, and other dark, secluded areas
  • Food packaging that has been damaged in your pantry or stockpile
  • Food, such as pasta or dog food, is stacked in unusual places.
  • Scratching noises coming from behind the walls or from within the ceiling
Mice Control

The Rosenbloom Pest Control Advantage

There is no company that will care for you the way we will!

Money Back Guarantee

There are absolutely no extra hidden costs with our services. We will give you a solid quote upfront, and that’s all you’ll pay. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the services we provide, we will refund your last payment in full.

Preventative Pest Management

For the safety of your family, friends, customers, and employees, we use preventative pest management techniques, starting with inspection, sanitation, and exclusion through education and communication. We use the least environmental impactful methods to treat and prevent pests on your property.

Same Day/Next Day Service

We understand the need for speed when you are confronted by uninvited guests at your home or office. We provide same day or next day service to ensure they are evicted.

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Why Hire A Mice Control Technician in Baltimore To Help?

DIYing the problem by setting out mouse traps will only solve the population problem, not the root cause of the issue; which is mice invading your home in the first place! At Rosenbloom Pest Control,we will help you eliminate the root case of these issues. Since mice can enter homes through various means such as foundation cracks, gaps around piping and windows, and virtually any hole the size of a pencil, our mice control technicians will help you identify and eliminate any and all of these possible points of entry.

Our Mice Control Process

Thorough Evaluation

Our pest elimination begins with a thorough inspection of your home by a trained technician. We will find the entry points, the nesting areas, and then suggest a plan of action.


Our highly skilled technicians will stop at nothing to get rid of your mice problem, all the while keeping in focus the safety of your home and family. We’ll earn your respect and trust by delivering superior quality control and stellar customer service each and every time.


After treatment is completed and your mice problem is a distant memory, we won’t forget about you! We will monitor and prevent the return of pests. Our goal? Your total peace of mind!

How to Prevent Mice From Entering Your Home

Mice gain access to homes via cracks and holes in walls, floors, and foundations. Mouse holes are frequently overlooked by homeowners until other signs of infestation appear. Mice, due to their body shape, can fit through much smaller holes than they appear to be capable of. By taking these preventative measures, you can lower the chance of having mice take over your home:

  • Seal all cracks, openings, and holes 
  • Ensure all doors and windows close properly
  • Store food in containers with tight lids
  • Be certain to dispose of all food waste as soon as possible
Mice Control

Why Choose Rosenbloom Pest Control for Mice Control in Baltimore, MD? 

At Rosenbloom Pest Control, we’ve got your back! Our certified pest control technicians are highly skilled, not only in pest control, but also in customer communication, property inspections, and when things get tricky, cooking up innovative and effective solutions to get rid of unwanted visitors. There is no challenge too big (or small as the case may be) for Rosenbloom Pest Control!

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