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Raccoon Control

Raccoons are gray and black with black fur around the eyes that looks like a mask. They are nocturnal. They grow to 2-3 feet long. They are typically found in areas with bodies of water, but they can also be found in urban areas where they can find food and shelter.

raccoon control

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01 Why do I have them?

Raccoons can invade a property where they find adequate shelter and food, particularly where the garbage is accessible.

02 Are raccoons dangerous?

Raccoons can pose a serious health risk if they come in contact with humans as they often carry rabies. Signs of a rabid raccoon are if it seems confused, has trouble walking, makes loud noises, and even foams at the mouth.

03 How do you get rid of my raccoons?

At Rosenbloom Pest Control, Inc., our raccoon control services include the necessary products for trapping and removal.

04 Is the treatment safe?

Our raccoons control experts use the latest techniques for trapping and removal.

There should be no safety issues posed to your family, employees or customers resulting from the raccoon removal.

Should any specific safety measures need to be taken, our highly trained wildlife technicians will make sure you have a thorough understanding of them.