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Expert Snake Control in Baltimore, MD

Snake Control in Baltimore

The last thing that you want to deal with as a homeowner is a snake in or around your home. If a snake makes its way into your home, it will burrow in your walls or a crawl space and lay eggs during the winter. Snakes in Baltimore are considered dangerous and destructive pests because depending on the type of snake you encounter, their bite can be venomous.

If you suspect your home has a snake problem but aren’t sure, look for any of the following signs:

  • Shedded snake skin
  • Slither tracks
  • Droppings
  • Odor
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There are absolutely no extra hidden costs with our services. We will give you a solid quote upfront, and that’s all you’ll pay. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the services we provide, we will refund your last payment in full.

Preventative Pest Management

For the safety of your family, friends, customers, and employees, we use preventative pest management techniques, starting with inspection, sanitation, and exclusion through education and communication. We use the least environmental impactful methods to treat and prevent pests on your property.

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We understand the need for speed when you are confronted by uninvited guests at your home or office. We provide same day or next day service to ensure they are evicted.

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How To Prevent Snakes From Entering Your Home

Snakes are mostly attracted to dark, damp, and cool areas, meaning that they will most likely take shelter in your crawl spaces or basement.  To ensure that a snake infestation doesn’t happen, there are a few preventative measures that can be taken, including:

  • Keep your grass and weeds cut short and treat your lawn regularly
  • Remove lumber piles, as these can attract small pests that snakes will consider prey
  • Remove tall vegetation near your home
  • Cover any holes in your lawn or ground
  • Seal all windows and doors properly
  • Be certain to dispose of all food waste as soon as possible

Why Hire A Snake Control Exterminator in Baltimore To Help?

Trying to fix your snake problem yourself will only get you so far. By collaborating with trusted pest control professionals, you are making sure that this is not a problem you will need to continue to worry about. Our snake control process is thorough, covering any and all areas that may be or may become points of concern.

What Customers Have To Say About Rosenbloom Pest Control

After discovering a 5-foot black snake in my basement, Rosenbloom came out the same day, caught the snake and sealed up its access point. I was very pleased by their prompt and efficient service.

–Tom K

I have used other exterminators in the past. Rosenbloom’s service far exceeds the others. He is knowledgeable, he is pleasant to deal with and most importantly not only is he very good at what he does but he is innovative.

– Joe G

Rosenbloom Pest Control came over as quickly as they could, when I called them about the little mouse we saw in our kitchen. Their technician was very knowledgeable and inspected treated the entire house. He also gave me an education …

– Zipporah F

Why Choose Rosenbloom Pest Control for Snake Control in Baltimore, MD? 

At Rosenbloom Pest Control, Our certified technicians find the snake food sources, breeding sites, and entry points then work to treat and eliminate the source. Our certified technicians are highly skilled, not only in snake control, but also in customer communication, property inspections, and when things get tricky, cooking up innovative and effective solutions to get rid of unwanted visitors.

No challenge is too big (or small as the case may be) for Rosenbloom Pest Control! 

There is no company in the Baltimore area as trusted and dedicated to your needs. Where the customer’s best interest always comes first! We’ll earn your respect and trust by delivering superior quality control and stellar customer service each and every time.

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