There are many pests that can infest your homes, such as mice, ants, termites, and bed bugs. However, if you’re from Baltimore, you’re likely to deal with a cockroach infestation. While you can try to get rid of them yourself, there’s a huge possibility that your efforts will go to waste. 

Your best bet is to hire a Baltimore-based roach control company, which has mastered the art and science of getting rid of this invasive pest.

What Are the Most Common Types of Cockroaches Found in Baltimore Homes?

Considering that Baltimore is among the most cockroach-infested cities in the country, it’s not that surprising that more than one type of cockroach is common in the city.

While it may appear that different cockroach types look similar at first glance, they actually have certain differences that make them distinctive from each other. To help you identify the different types of cockroaches that can infest your home, we’ll explain them in more detail.

German Cockroach

The most common type of cockroach you can find in Baltimore would probably be German cockroaches. They are small (about ½ to ⅝ inches long) and usually tan to light brown in color. Their most notable feature is the two dark parallel stripes on their backs. German cockroaches are nocturnal, so you will mostly see them around your home at night.

American Cockroach

American cockroaches are also commonly found in Baltimore homes. This cockroach type is significantly bigger than German cockroaches as they can grow up to two or three inches long. One way to identify American cockroaches is by checking the back of their necks. If they have distinctive yellow bands, they are most likely this type.

When you notice an infestation of American cockroaches at your home, it’s recommended that you hire a roach control Baltimore company immediately. This is important since American cockroaches can reproduce quickly.

Oriental Cockroach

Another type of cockroach you can potentially find in your Baltimore home is an Oriental cockroach. They are typically about an inch long, making them slightly bigger than German cockroaches, but smaller than American cockroaches. They don’t have that many distinctive features except that they are usually black or dark brown in color.

The Dangers of Cockroaches at Your Home

Cockroaches are not just scary and gross; they can also be dangerous to the health of your entire family. They are believed to be potential carriers of microorganisms that can cause several diseases, including cholera, leprosy, and typhoid fever.

Cockroaches can also contaminate food. They can even be an allergen for some people, by triggering asthma and allergy attacks. For these health reasons and more, it’s important that you immediately get in touch with a roach control company in your area to get rid of these pests before they cause worse havoc to your home.

Best Roach Control Baltimore

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