How To Keep Mice Away This Winter in Maryland

With the colder months and festive season approaching, you sure aren’t looking forward to guests other than those you invited. But, as other living creatures are scouting for warmth, shelter, and food, expect to have a few uninvited guests. Rosenbloom Pest Control in Baltimore, Maryland is here to tell you how to keep mice away this winter.

Ways Mice Enter Your Home

Mice have the ability to sneak into your house in the most unexpected ways because their small size helps them enter through the smallest holes. Mice are able to enter your house through holes and cracks in the basement, attic, or any opening in your house’s exterior. 

These creatures are sneaky, tiny, quiet, and fast. So, don’t leave anything open! 

Make sure to use the following methods to prevent mice from entering your house in the first place:

How To Keep Mice Away This Winter

Mice can enter even the cleanest and most sanitized house. So, their entering your house doesn’t mean that it’s not clean.  

The first step of keeping mice out of your house is to keep them away from your house in the first place. Make sure the exterior of the house is not attractive to mice. You can do this by making sure that bushes are trimmed away from the house and away from the ground.

Accumulation of leaves, construction debris, and trash are all good hiding places that will help mice feel welcome and even provide a home. Keeping outdoor trash cans secured with proper lids will also help reduce the food availability. If mice have a continus food source they will be drawn to the house on a regular basis, and eventually, they will make it in.

Seal Any Points of Entry

When the colder months start approaching, look for any potential entry points mice can enter through. This includes any cracks in the walls, openings in the basement or attic, holes around utilities, missing mortar, or gaps in the windows. Don’t underestimate the size of an opening, because mice can surprise you by how they can squeeze themselves into a tiny space, ¼” or the thickness of a pencil is all they need.

Keep Things Organize and Decluttered

Mice are big fans of clutter. They love to surround themselves with piles of any material, such as stored items or messy corners. If they don’t find these cozy places to provide warmth and shelter for them, they’ll look for another house that checks these boxes.

Don’t Leave Out Sources of Water and Food

Yes, this includes your pet’s food and water. One of the most important things mice look for in a house is food. Make sure you don’t leave any leftovers behind, keep food sealed, and don’t leave any food crumbs lying around.

Mice can smell food from a distance and will make a home out of your house if there’s always food available.

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