How To Keep Rats Away in Baltimore, MD

An unfortunate part of life is having to deal with rodents. Rats are commensal, which means they live and thrive in the shadow of humans. In particular, they thrive by taking advantage of nearby buildings and the people inhabiting them, eating your food, and spreading disease. If you do encounter rats in your home, Rosenbloom Pest Control can help! We are a pest control company in Baltimore, MD with years of experience dealing with rats, and we have the inside scoop on how to keep rats away in Baltimore. Here are some tips and tricks that you should know about.

How To Keep Rats Away in Baltimore

First, let’s go over why rat infestations happen and why these infestations can be dangerous. Rats, like humans, need three things to survive: Food, water, and shelter. One of the most common causes for a rat infestation is available food outdoors. The food source can be unsecured trash cans, bowls of dog food, or other unsecured food left outdoors or in an accessible area. Once the rats are comfortable in the vicinity of your home, they will use any available opening to get in and make themselves comfortable.

Once in your home, there are many things that can occur, such as damage to your property, the spread of disease, food contamination, and fires caused by chewed wires. Once an infestation has occurred, it can be very difficult to get the rats out. That is why it is best to take precautions to prevent in and around the structure of your home.

Do Not Leave Food Out

Above all, rats are resourceful. If you leave food accessible to rats on your property, it is a certainty that it will play a role in attracting and maintaining a rat population. Cover your garbage cans at all times, use a secure container for composting, and put pet food in rodent-proof containers.

Keep An Eye On Your Neighborhood

If you live in a neighborhood or you live in an apartment complex and you have a rat problem, chances are that others around you are experiencing one as well. It’s important to communicate with your neighbors about these things to make sure that all parties are on top of the situation. Even if you don’t have a rat problem currently, it is best to stay informed about infestations in your community so that you have time to prepare.

Remove The Habitat

Do not give these rats a place to live. If you have wood or lumber piles, make sure that you store them 18 inches above ground and a foot away from your home. Also, trim your trees, shrubs, and limbs so that they are four feet away from your home. Rats love using trees and shrubs as bridges into your home, as well as using limbs as a place of shelter.

How To Keep Rats Away in Baltimore by filling all holes and gaps

One of the most popular entry points for rats into your home will be through any holes, cracks, or gaps that you may have. While the gaps in your walls and floors may not seem big enough, if they are ¾” (less than the size of a quarter) rats can slip in, so if you have a gap that is that size or larger, you are vulnerable. The good news is that these holes can easily be sealed with a variety of materials like cement, plaster, sheet metal, and hardware cloth. If you have a large gap below your door install a quality door sweep like Excluder to close the gap.

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