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What Does a Brown Recluse Spider Look Like

What Does a Brown Recluse Spider Look Like?

The Brown Recluse Spider is one that often strikes fear in the minds of homeowners, which is why when people find a large spider dwelling in their home, they often ask, is this a brown recluse spider? But what does a brown recluse spider look like though? The experts at Rosenbloom Pest Control, a pest control company in Baltimore, are here to help break down the certain distinctions of the Brown Recluse for us.

What Does A Brown Recluse Spider Look Like?

The Brown Recluse has received its name by no accident.  It is a true recluse, meaning that it likes to hide away during the day in dark, sheltered areas. It comes out mainly at night to hunt creatures like cockroaches, firebrats, crickets, and other crawling or flying insects. Fun fact — they will eat these insects dead or alive. Outdoors, these spiders tend to live under rocks, logs, woodpiles, and debris. In the home, they can be found in attics, basements, crawl spaces, between joists, under insulation, and in bedding, closets, clothing, shoes, and stored items.

The female Brown Recluse will spin off-white, silken egg sacs about a half-inch long for the 20-50 eggs they lay at one time. Small spiders mature about a year after hatching, going through several molts, and leaving a rigid skeleton behind each time. Typically, these spiders live anywhere from about 2-4 years.

Here in Maryland, the Brown Recluse is not quite common, as their usual habitat is the Midwestern and South-Central United States, but it can sometimes find its way up here as a hitchhiker on packages. When trying to identify a Brown Recluse Spider, though, here are some distinctive features to keep in mind:

  • A dark violin-shaped marking on the cephalothorax (part of the body where the legs attach), with the neck of the violin pointing to the body
  • Long, thin legs with fine hairs (no spines)
  • Uniformly colored abdomen and legs (no stripes, bands, or mottling)
  • Color ranging from cream to dark brown
  • Six eyes arranged in pairs

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